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4 octobre 2011 2 04 /10 /octobre /2011 03:32

If you ever see a seller selling a "MAC Brush Set" then it's a phoney because Venomous Villains Lipgolss does not sell "Brush Sets". If you ever see a seller selling a "MAC Brush Set" then it's a fake because MAC does not sell "Brush Sets". 4. Look at the reviews of the seller. It goes without saying that you should read ALL of the seller's reviews before you buy.If they have very little or no feedback, then stay clear. Do not become the first person to discover this the hard-way! 5. You must read the small-print. Always read every last detail on the sellers page to make sure that you're not just getting tiny little tester pots that will barely cover enough for one application. To make sure that you never get ripped off the easiest way is to simply go to the MAC website and check to see if you can find that particular product listed on their website. If it's not on there, then it's a fake. Plain and simple! All in all, just be careful because you really do want to get ripped off. Bear in Mind, buying MAC Makeup UK cosmetics from a person or company who isn't a genuine reseller can not only be harmful to your finances but even worse, damaging to your skin! 2. To save you a lot of time, money and trouble in this article I am going to uncover how to rapidly spot genuine Lip Gloss With 15 Colors Makeup UK only products from fakes. This is a matter that concerns me a lot, especially when I speak to some of my friends here in the UK who are looking to buy Cheap Mac Makeup Makeup products online. Often I'll get an email or a call from a friend or reader who tells me that they've found this "really great deal on Mac Hello Kitty Makeup products" (usually pigments, eye shadow or brushes). Usually I'll go to the website they tell me about (which is almost always eBay) and I will spot immediately that it's either a fake, or the offer isn't quite what they think it is… Take a look at this example.

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